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You know that creative content is critical when trying to influence Buyer 2.0.  We know how to create, manage  and curate content that helps you fill and influence your sales pipeline.  Don't take our word for it.  See some of our words below:


Billing Innovation

Bill McLaughlin

Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

"West is a true sales professional with an uncanny ability to train and motivate a sales force. He has a unique ability to take complex solutions and make them easy to understand along with providing the tools to make those he has trained successful."

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FocusMPS is recognized as a driver of business innovation.  If you are looking to improve your current practice or to diversify we have the experience and the vision to help you get it right the first time.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing

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Assessment Based Selling

Contact FocusMPS to learn more about how our Innovation experts can help move your business forward.  Content creation, alternative billing, social selling, and Assessments. 

Buyer 2.0 is waiting!  

"ImageNet Consulting made the decision to use an MPS Assessment Selling approach a few years ago.  Since then we've standardized on the AssetDB platform and used FocusMPS to train our MPS Specialists.  We're happy to say that both decisions have paid off.   We've used West McDonald for training for nearly 7 years and FocusMPS proves that he continues to evolve his training as the market changes." 

Billing Innovation

Matthew Schotten

ImageNet Consulting