• Financial considerations:  We will uncover all costs, especially the big ones that customers don't think about.
  • Work-flow/Operational:  How are they doing things today, and just as important, are there more effecient and rewarding ways to do them tomorrow?
  • I.T./Infrastructure:  Do they have too little or too much and is I.T. getting the support it needs to run their environment effectively? 
  • End-user Requirements:  ​People matter.  Are the tools and methodologies available to them helping or hindering them?

A successful MPS Assessment ; whether you are a dealer looking to improve win rates or an end-user looking to reduce overall costs and complexity related to print; involves the following:

  • Study Scope: Departmental, Regional, National, etc.
  • Mutually agreed upon Objectives:  Uncover hidden costs, digital migration of documents, MAC, colour reduction, greening initiatives, etc.
  • Decision making criteria and decision making hierarchy: What are top 5 buying criteria for buying? Influencers/decision makers?​
  • Assumptions: and replacing them with REAL data.

The FocusMPS  Assessment Methodology is tried, tested and true.  Are you ready to improve document workflow and dramatically reduce printing costs?


The FocusMPS Assessment approach is built to be as collaborative as possible.  Our goal is simple: To help you to conduct a study that improves the overall efficiency of your document processes and to help find areas of cost reduction.  We will also help to modernize your approach to how you use and process all kinds of documents.

Our Assessment methodology is tried, tested and true.  Here is a list of important steps/objectives that we move through with every Assessment:


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Assessment Based Selling