Billing Innovation

Subscription models for software solutions have become all the rage.  Put simply, companies pay a fixed monthly fee for a product or service.  becoming a strong alternative to one-time traditional Microsoft Office sales.

How customers want to pay for things is changing.  CPP, SBB, Value Based Billing, and Recurring Revenue models.  West McDonald pioneered SBB (Seat Based Billing) for Managed Print and is an expert in evolving revenue models.

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As a consultant and trainer, one of the most common questions I get asked is “What is the best way to sell software?”  Usually I’m being asked this question because one of my clients is having a hard time competing against competitive software solutions.  My usual response: Stop selling software. 


Stop Selling "Things"

Ready For a Recurring Revenue Model?

  • Recurring Revenue Stream:  Money every month.
    • Increased Corporate Valuation:  Increasing the value of your company.
  • Rule of 78: Every dollar you bring in on any given month will be there as new revenue the following month! 
  • Opex Capability:  Many organizations view software as an administrative necessity and not as an asset.