Social Lunch:

Video content and e-Books are an excellent way to drive customer and prospect engagement.  The Social 3 Course Meal will help your organization to establish itself as the best of the best in your industry and provide valuable content for your sales teams to use in their sales efforts.  Companies that produce e-Books and videos benefit enormously compared to those that do not.

Social 3 Course Meal includes:

Social Salad & Social Lunch:   All the ingredients of the Social Salad and Lunch packages.

e-Book Creation:   e-Books are extremely valuable for building social presence and establishing your organization as a premium provider. Package includes 1 e-Book creation per quarter.

Video Production:   FocusMPS produces custom video content that ensures you grab your customers and prospects attention like never before. Package includes 1 video per quarter (2 mins to 2.5 minutes in length).

Not everybody has the same tastes so FocusMPS has created 3 subscription packages for content/social management and creation.  No matter your appetite, we have something right for you.

The Social Lunch package has been designed to help your organization to establish a solid thought-leadership role with your customers and prospects.  FocusMPS will take away the heavy lifting of attaining your social & content driven goals.  We will design and execute a program specific to your desired goals and will build a powerful social presence with regular content contributions.

Social Lunch includes:

Social Salad:   All the ingredients of the Social Salad package.

Long-Form Blogs/Content:   4 custom posts per month that are tailored to your specific customer personas.

Curation:   Minimum 2 curations daily on LinkedIn and Twitter of related news and content that your customer personas will find valuable for their businesses.

You're Hungry, Now What?

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Social 3 Course Meal:

The Social Salad package is for those that need a little help with their social and content efforts but have the resources and expertise internally to do most of the heavy lifting.  Our social experts will work with your team to elevate your efforts and improve tracking and lead conversion.

Social Salad includes:

Social & Content Analyses:   We will begin by working with your team to understand current efforts and to build a roadmap & blueprint for future efforts.  The FocusMPS experts will also establish baselines and KPIs for measuring success.

Weekly Consultations:   We will work with your team for an hour a week to monitor and manage success as well as offering advice and analysis for program improvement.

Management Review:   We will spend an hour a month with management to present monthly reports that detail KPI attainment with suggestions for refinement and new initiatives.


All content and social media meal plans are provided via a monthly subscription plan. If our standard packages don’t fit your needs we can work together to build a package that does. 

Are you hungry to learn more? Contact us today to discuss a meal plan that works for your business.

Social Salad: