Buyer 2.0 Has Arrived

FocusMPS has been involved in social selling for over a decade.  We have the expertise to ensure your management team and sales representatives are doing all they can to incorporate social selling strategies and tactics into their existing sales and marketing regimens.  We will customize a social selling program for you, ensure everybody is following it, and provide KPIs for tracking success.

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No need to take our word for it.  The beauty of social sales is that all of the evidence of success or failure is online.  Be sure to check us out on LinkedIn and Twitter to see why you should be using us for all your social needs!

Did you know that over 50% 70% of a buyers decision has already been made before they call you?  Buyer 2.0 doesn't just use your website to vet you anymore.  Buyer 2.0 uses LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a myriad of other social media tools to determine if you are the kind of company they would like to do business with.  How well are you presenting to them on all these platforms?